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Installations/Displays - Temporary

Silver Winner

Entrant: R/GA London, London

"Google Outside"

Corporate Name of Client: Google UK Ltd
Agency Account Director: Remi Abayomi
Advertising Agency: R/GA, London
Executive Creative Directors: James Temple/George Prest
Creative Director: Ricardo Amorim
Agency Producers: Dan John/Taraneh Khosrowshahi
Design Directors: Pete Jupp/Stuart Tayler
Designers: Luke Wicker/Wilf Eddings
Graphic Designer: Clara Tudela
Google Team: Graham Bednash/Alessandro Stefani/Martin De Fleurian
Executive Technical Director, Executive Delivery Director:
    Patrick Van Kann/Dave Robbins
Technology & Technical Team: Francis Horsman/Anthony Baker/
    Viorel Sfetea/Mircea Georgescu/Gabriel Totoliciu
Senior Quality Assurance Engineer: Gabriel Dobritescu/
    Razvan Creanga
Media Communications Agency Company: Manning Gottlieb OMD, London
Out of Home Media Agency Company: Talon, London
Production Company: Grand Visual, London

Concept/Cultural Reference:
Search has become such a natural part of our lives that many of us have a tendency to take it for granted. So we set out to remind people just how magical Google Search can be. To do this we gave Search a whole new context and took it to a place where people would look at it afresh and remember how extraordinary Google can be.
For the first time, Google Search went outside. We took over 160 digital outdoor locations across London and made each screen unique, smart and aware of its context. This meant that millions of people on the street had useful information in front of them at just the right time.
Google Outside generated a significant improvement in brand sentiment. 81% of people saw Google as an innovative company in the wake of the campaign. The project also received widespread media recognition. The London Evening Standard sung its praises in print and Transport for London hailed it as ‘the most innovative campaign ever run on our placements’.