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Client Promotion

Bronze Winner

Entrant: Geometry Global, Frankfurt

Fedrigoni Fine Paper
"The Paper Skin"

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Corporate Name of Client: Fedrigoni Germany
Client Account Director: Marcus Lange
Senior Account Executive: Saskia Schomacher
Agency: Geometry Global
Chief Creative Officer: Christian Mommertz
Creative Director: Felix Duerichen
Copywriter: Sabine Weber
Art Directors: Sabine Brinkmann/Martin Wojciechowski
Design Company: Geometry Global Germany
Design Director: Felix Duerichen
Apprentices in Media Design: Alexander Keil/Mathias Bossler
Director/Producer: Maik Scharfscheer
Director of Photography/Editor: Thomas X. Stoll
Hot Foil Stamping: Klaus Veredelungsmanufaktur
Packaging: Edelmann Group
Deputy Managing Director: Maik Hofmann
Senior Account Manager: Saskia Schomacher
Media Design: Johanna Woetzel
Font Design: Jan Erlinghagen
Type Design: Stefan Hecht

Concept/Cultural Reference:
1. Describe the brief from the client:
Celebrate Fedrigoni’s unparalleled heritage of 125 years in the making of fine papers – and beyond that, prove the uplifting momentum their packaging papers have been adding to luxury products ever since.
Therefore, inspire B2B conversations among both existing and new customers: the world’s top designers, printers and luxury brand owners.
2. Describe the challenges and key objectives:
The main target audience is tired of paper sample books. Given away for free, they overload their shelves innumerably and bore them to death.
To showcase Fedrigoni’s packaging paper with extraordinary material properties, we had to put it through the most uncompromising quality tests.
But to tell the story of a paper like no other it needed a brand experience like no other. So we told it – by a brand like no other.
3. Describe how you arrived at the final design:
We put the legendary Leica X2 in a box that was both a sample book and the packaging. But in it there wasn’t any Leica X2. We created a limited edition by committing a design sacrilege: we put the paper to uncompromising quality tests, proving it survives heavy abrasion, withstands extreme temperatures and resists aggressive liquids – and thereby convinced Leica to replace its iconic leather banderole with this packaging material.
So Second Skin became First Skin and turned product design into the most compelling communication design: The unboxing experience gracefully tells Fedrigoni’s history and unique value.