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Branded Content


Entrant: Ogilvy New York, New York

"IBM Fractal Fest"

Corporate Name of Client: IBM
Client Account Director: Marco Pereira
Agency Account Supervisor: Shrivika Ramaswamy
Agency Account Directors: Kimberly Duffy/Mila Babrikova
Account Executive: Lindsay Jaffe
Planning Director: Magnus Blair
Planner: David Schneider
Agency: Ogilvy New York, New York
Chief Creative Officer: Steve Simpson
Executive Creative Directors: Ryan Blank/Mike Hahn/Susan Westre
Creative Director: Sam Mazur
Associate Creative Directors: Anne Davidson/Eddie Pak
Agency Producers: Lee Weiss/Leslie Dacri/Erica Rehbock/
    Linleigh Hawk/Glorianne Cody
Social Media Strategist: Stuart Tracte/Sissi Nie
Director: Errol Morris
UXD: Chris Reardon/Annie Wong
Eyepatch Productions Post Team: Yuko Koseki/Drew Palazzo/
    Laura Shackleford
Tech and Developer Team: Jason Wurtzel/Edward Szeto/Ahmet Arsan/
    Jessica Criscione/Raul Morales/Mario Gonzalez/Jamie Gilmartin/
    Sebastian Soler
Creative Developer: Gwen Vanhee
Production Company: Moxie Pictures, New York
Editorial/ Post Production Company: Eyepatch Productions, New York
Creative Development Company: Little Miss Robot, Belgium

Concept/Cultural Reference:
We’d brought IBM’s Tumblr into the world in 2012 to engage a younger, hipper audience by focusing on IBM’s exciting culture of innovation. Not long after, we learned something that made our jaws drop.
Benoit Mandelbrot discovered fractals while at IBM and changed the world. Errol Morris, working on our behalf, had captured Mandelbrot’s very last interview before his passing in 2010. We wanted to honor one of IBM’s true scientific revolutionaries on his birthday, while creating a personal connection between IBM and a new generation of nascent innovators.