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Use of Typography


Entrant: FCB Zürich, Zürich

MTV Mobile
"The Emography Project"

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Corporate Name of Client: MTV Mobile /
     Sunrise Communications Switzerland
Head of Client Services: Cristian Vaccariello
Agency: FCB Zürich, Zürich
Executive Creative Director: Dennis Lück
Copywriter: Sören Schröder
Art Director: Marcin Baba
Film Production Company: WirzFraeffelPaal, Zürich
Typography Company: START, Thalwil
Typographer: Stefan Grandjean
Programming Company: Drei Elemente, Bochum
Managing Director: Sebastian Palka

Concept/Cultural Reference:
The purpose:
MTV Mobile wanted to give its young target audience a tool to help them better express what they think and feel.
The solution:
The eight basic human emotions were turned into fonts: the Emographies.
Thanks to the Emographies, written words obtain a second, deeper, stronger or just funnier meaning. The fonts can be used via the Emography app, which is a free messaging service that works like direct mail from consumer to consumer.
The result:
The app struck a nerve among the young consumers. In only one month, over 2.8 million messages were sent through the app. MTV mobile was able to boost its popularity and welcome over 320,000 new clients (26% market share in Switzerland).