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Use of Photography


Entrant: JWT/FABRIKANT, Zurich

"Vanished Girls Newspaper"

Corporate Name of Client: UNICEF
Agency Account Supervisor: Jochen Hennecke
Agency Account Directors: Ute/Kristina Schäfer
Advertising Agency: JWT/FABRIKANT, Zurich
Chief Creative Officer: Remy Fabrikant
Creative Director: Michele Salati
Copywriter: Heinz Helle
Art Director: Michele Salati
Agency Producer: David Guntern
Graphic Designer: Philipp Dornbierer
Photographer: Robert Bartholot
Illustrator: Vicente Garcia Morillo

Concept/Cultural Reference:
Potential donators should be reached in thematic environments that they share with other people (print titles with high affinity). There, topics are discussed and values are debated. The topic "Missing Girls" has to create visibility there, with an appearance that suits the environment, sensibilizes the topic and generates maximum relevance.
There are a lot of ways to dramatise "disappearing". The topic is of such a nature that one has to find an "artificial" way of showing it in order to avoid showing dead children or such. We have decided to trigger consternation without shocking people at the same time.