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Installations/Displays - Permanent


Entrant: Tamschick Media + Space, Berlin

Wu Kingdom Helv Relics Museum
"Time Machine"

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Corporate Name of Client:
    Acciona Producciones y Diseno S.A. (APD S.A.)
Senior Account Executive: Eric Teunis (APD)
Global Chief Creative Officer: Boris Micka
Chief Creative Officer: Marc Tamschick
Design Company: Tamschick Media + Space, Berlin
Creative Producer: Tobias Ziegler
Creative Lead Scenography: Boris Micka
Sound Design, Composition: Stefan Will
Lead Project Management Company:
    Acciona Producciones y Diseno S.A. (APD S.A.), Sevilla
Sound Design/Composition Company: BLUWI - Music & Sound Design, Hamburg
Media Technology Company: Kraftwerk Living Technologies, Wels