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Art Direction


Entrant: CHI & Partners, London

The Prince's Trust
"The Tomorrow Project"

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Corporate Name of Client: The Prince's Trust
Head of Client Services: Paul Brown
Agency Account Director: Georgina Mew
Planner: Sarah Clark
Strategic Planner: Sarah Clark
Agency: CHI & Partners, London
Executive Creative Director: Jonathan Burley
Creative Directors: Jay Phillips/Neil Clarke/Richard Brim/
    Daniel Fisher
Copywriter: Matt Searle
Art Director: Sarah Levitt
Design Company: CHI & Partners, London
Design Director: Dan Beckett
Designer: Philip Bosher
Graphic Designers: Philip Bosher/Matt Hunt
Architects: Gabrielle Heyse-Moore/Daniel Beardsley

Concept/Cultural Reference:
In 2013, youth unemployment in the UK hit 1.2 million, the highest rate in 17 years. At the same time young people generally weren’t held in high esteem, and many faced an uphill battle to make a success of their lives. Our challenge was to find a way to support young people, put their talents to good use, and create a platform that would celebrate and champion their achievements.
We created ‘Tomorrow’s Store’, a unique store that champions the young entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Each month we gave the keys to a new resident, providing them with a space to sell their products, gain recognition and make a living. The store was located in the heart of London and was completely transformable, allowing residents to sell their products and tell their story in their own unique way.