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Experiential Marketing


Entrant: INGO Stockholm, Stockholm

Lidl Discount Food Stores
"Dill - The Restaurant"

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Corporate Name of Client: Lidl
Head of Client Services: Caroline Forshell
Agency Account Director: Marie Klinte
Account Manager: Joachim Ewert
Planner: Thomas Weigle
PR / Marketing: Kamran Aldamar
Agency: INGO Stockholm, Stockholm
Global Chief Creative Officers: Tham Khai Meng(Ogilvy)/
    Tor Myhren (Grey)
Executive Creative Director: Björn Ståhl
Copywriter: Josefine Richards
Art Director: Rikard Holst
Design Company: Threesome, Stockholm
Design Director: Kerstin Engberg
Designer: Andreas Mandahus
Event Producers: Anna Högkil/Markus Alm

Concept/Cultural Reference:
Lidl is a chain of discount food stores. Unfortunately, people in Sweden don’t believe that high quality and low price go together.
We built a pop-up restaurant in Stockholm named Dill. The Two-Star chef, Michael Wignall, and his British team were in charge of the cooking.
What nobody knew was that ALL the food was bought at Lidl.
Dill was open for 3 weeks and served a nine course tasting menu providing a direct gourmet experience of Lidl’s products. When we revealed that Lidl was behind the restaurant, all media exploded.
Dill sparked a national debate about food quality and low prices. The 3 weeks were fully booked in 29 minutes. 500 people on the waiting list. The following 4 months were the most profitable since Lidl was established in Sweden 10 years ago. 2013 was Lidl’s first profitable year ever in Sweden.