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Entrant: DDB Stockholm, Stockholm

Uniforms for the Dedicated
"The Rag Bag"

Corporate Name of Client: Uniforms for the Dedicated
Account Manager: Katarina Bäcklund
Agency: DDB Stockholm, Stockholm
Executive Creative Director: Jerker Fagerström
Copywriters: Nick Christiansen/Magnus Jakobsson
Art Directors: Joel Ekstrand/Fredrik Simonsson
Design Director: Linnea Lofjord
Designer: Linus Östberg
Graphic Designer: Peter Danielsson
Head of Digital: Jojo Brännström
Print Production Manager: Anna Hellenberg
Retouch: Christian Björnerhag

Concept/Cultural Reference:
Swedish fashion brand Uniforms for the Dedicated wanted to establish themselves as a brand that stands for sustainability and social responsibility, and set the standard for the rest of the Swedish fashion world.
The design sprung out of this insight: When you buy something new, you can donate something
old. We went to the heart of consumption. Using something every shopper has in his hand, the shopping bag, we created a practical way to move from talking to acting on sustainability, recycling and social responsibility. Simply remove your new garment, flip the bag inside out, insert an old garment, seal the bag and put it in the post box. Address and postage is already taken care of. It will then get mailed to a charity that can give it new life.
We consume too much. With this in mind, we wanted to find a way to convert every purchase into something that would do good in the world. We wanted to influence brands and consumers, and help them take a practical stand for sustainable fashion, recycling and charity.
The project was officially launched only a short time prior to this application, and is currently ongoing. But this initiative, together with Sweden's most sustainable fashion brand Uniforms for the Dedicated, is already proving to be an achievement in that more and more brands are now
looking to join the project. It is influencing brands and consumers to take a stand for sustainability, recycling and social responsibility. In the end, what if this was what every
shopping bag looked like?