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Client Promotion


Entrant: Heimat, Berlin

"The Hornbach Hammer"

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Corporate Name of Client: Hornbach Baumarkt AG
Head of Client Services: Julia Ziegelmann
Agency Account Supervisors: Matthias von Bechtolsheim/
    Maik Richter
Agency Account Director: Christina Walke
Account Manager: Fabian Stein
Agency: Heimat, Berlin
Chief Creative Officer: Guido Heffels
Creative Directors: Guido Heffels/Kai Heuser
Copywriters: Mirjam Kundt/Gun Aydemir/Katja Gottfried/
    Sabina Hesse/Matei Curtasu
Art Directors: Susanna Fill/Teresa Jung/Hendrik Schweder/
    Martijn Koster/Kenzi Benabdallah/Christopher Brinkmann
Agency Producer: Kerstin Heffels
Graphic Designers: Jared Leistner/Maria Botsch/Christoph Bruns/
    Benedikt Gansczyk
Illustrator: Martijn Koster

Concept/Cultural Reference:
The brief was to stay afloat in an over-saturated DIY market landscape by creating an original product, as well as a concept and story around it fitting to Hornbach's DNA. A strong focus on the visual complexity was required in order to reach out not only to the specific fan base, but also to extend beyond a certain target group and attract interest.
The outcome of the final design consisted of a dedicated designed box for the Hornbach Hammer. The packaging inside included a flag of raw linen, with the illustrations telling the production story from tank to hammer. A small card held a detailed care manual for the Hammer's Hickory wooden shaft. Also, each of the 7000 hammers came with an identification code that unlocked special content and goodies on the website, created especially for the
Hammer holders.