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Entrant: serviceplan, Munich

Bytro Labs Game Developing Startup
"The Game Report"

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Corporate Name of Client: Bytro Labs GmbH
Head of Client Services: Stefan Artmann
Agency Account Supervisor: Tobias Pieper
Agency: serviceplan, Munich
Global Chief Creative Officer: Alexander Schill
Executive Creative Directors: Matthias Harbeck/Till Diestel
Creative Director: Marcell Francke
Copywriters: Lorenz Langgartner/Gabriel Doell
Art Directors: Franz Roeppischer/Andreas Heuschneider
Graphic Designer: Franz Roeppischer
Creative Producer: Sarah Neuner
Illustration Companies: Eat, Sleep + Design
Illustrator: Frank Graefe
Animators: Constantin von Zitzewitz/Sven Wellbrock/
    Johannes Peter/Florian Dehmel
Programmer: Philipp Schmidt,
Sound Design: Philipp Feit
Production Company: LIGA 01, Munich
Sound Design Company: German Wahnsinn, Hamburg

Concept/Cultural Reference:
Gaming startup BytroLabs was looking for new business partners.
We let them experience BytroLabs’ game developing and economic skills at the same time, with the first business report that is a computer game.
Sent out as a text file, with the business report to read, but written in such a way that it also worked as program code.
When changing the file extension from .txt to .html, the data became programming parameters for a game. Read, play – and directly contact BytroLabs in the end.
Mailed to 500+ contacts worldwide.
Total response rate: 94%
BytroLabs merged with Swedish "Stillfront Group“.