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Entrant: Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, Melbourne

Tourism Victoria
"Remote Control Tourist"

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Corporate Name of Client: Tourism Victoria
Client Account Director: Simon Lamplough
Agency Account Director: Brett Williams
Strategic Planner: Matt Kingston
Agency: Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, Melbourne
Creative Chairman: James McGrath
Executive Creative Director: Ant Keogh
Creative Directors: Julian Schreiber/Tom Martin
Copywriter: Clark Edwards
Art Director: Luke Thompson
Head of Production: Sonia Von Bibra
Creative Technologist: Pete Hutchison
Social Media Strategist: Ben Birchall
Production Companies: Tool of North America/Exit Films
Director: Jason Zada
Senior Executive Producers: Oliver Fuselier/Dustin Callif/
    Corey Esse
Digital Director: Jason Nickel
Digital Producer: Louise Sergent
Social Community Manager: Nathan Rogers

Description of the Project:
Melbourne’s not like other Australian destinations. Instead of big landmarks, it’s a city full of small, intimate experiences. These are hidden treasures in a complex, cultural and truly creative city. They’re well known by the people who live there, but not so obvious to visitors to the city.
We wanted to talk to an audience whose opinion holds influence in creative and cultural communities. To do this, we needed to reach this young, digital-savvy audience in a way that was truly innovative and showed off the cultural diversity of Melbourne – making it a must-see destination.
Enter the Remote Control Tourist: a unique, live-streamed and interactive video experience that unveiled Melbourne’s hidden treasures.
Through crowdsourcing of suggestions on Facebook and Twitter, anyone in the world could direct two real-life tourists in Melbourne on where to go and what to do, allowing users to ‘go before they go’.
Over five days our Remote Control Tourists received nearly 9000 requests, with 158 countries and almost 4000 cities participating, and people spending nearly seven minutes exploring the website.
Global press coverage helped us to reach an estimated 150 million people, generating $3.7 million of earned media for the campaign (Millward Brown).
Importantly, the campaign was picked up by online publications that our target audience frequented, and at one point it was the ‘most shared article of the day’ on Mashable.
With social media at the heart of this experience, we generated over 49 million earned impressions, with sentiment towards the campaign at 96% positive.
The Remote Control Tourists created over 80 hours of video footage of Melbourne, took over 2000 Instagram photos and checked into 321 hidden cultural treasures while travelling 109km by foot, bicycle, taxi, helicopter, tram and tall ship. Capturing this data allowed us to create a first-of-its-kind, crowdsourced interactive guide to Melbourne.