Network of the Year: BBDO

Radio & Audio
Innovative Use of Radio

Gold Winner

Entrant: Sancho BBDO, Bogota

Exito Group
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Aired on Radio Station:
Corporate Name of Client: Exito Foundation
Head of Client Services: Martin Nova
Agency Account Directors: Antonio Trujillo/Natalia Perez
Senior Account Executives: Juliana Caiaffa/Laura Luque
Agency: Sancho BBDO, Bogota, Colombia
Chief Creative Officers: Giovanni Martinez/Hugo Corredor
Executive Creative Directors: Diego Ortiz/Oscar Muñoz
Creative Directors: Alejandro Bermudez/Daniel Mora
Copywriter: Alejandro Bermudez
Agency Script Writer: Alejandro Bermudez
Executive Agency Producer: Janeth Maldonado
Production Company: Direktor Films, Bogota
Director: Alejandro Hernandez
Senior Executive Producer: Daniela Cortes
Recording Studio: Laika, Bogota
Sound Design Company: Laika, Bogota
Sound Designer: Carlos Calvo
Audio Engineer: Andres Mira
Music Production Company: Laika, Bogota
Music Producer: Carlos Calvo
Music Arranger: Andres Mira
Music Composers: Carlos Calvo/Andres Mira
Music Lyricist: Alejandro Bermudez
Music Performed By: Andres Mira
Song Title: The Challenge Song
Voice-over: Santiago Acevedo

Description of the Project:
300.000 children under the age of 18 can have auditive dysfunction, unless it can be detected on time with an audiometry.
So we created Radiometries,sical round sound that turned into a free audiometric test.
With simple sung commands, the song asks the children to respond with movement, like a choreograph. The commands are given in different frecuencies and volume levels, the same used in a professional audiometry.
If the child does not respond one of these commands, there could be a problem and he should be taken to a doctor as soon as possible.